Monday, March 30, 2015

Peacock palette

Hi guys,
I swear, only in Belgium you can have all 4 seasons in just one day. As I'm writing, the sun is shining, knowing that an hour ago we had a "big bad" rain. Either way, I was too excited to finally get my organza panel suit jacket, as well as other goodies from Style Moi. Who is Style Moi you ask? Well, it's this awesome boutique that has so many great clothing garments, as well as bags and accessories that are so fabulous! 
I'm so happy to share with you this great outfit. The thing I like the most is that this combo of the deep v neck organza jacket and my strapless bra really does this effect of having a bigger bust, which is a big plus for me! The make-up is just divine and goes so well with my peacock drop earrings, also from Style Moi.
You can also style the jacket with long black jeans or leggings. I chose my suit shorts with high waist to have an harmonious balance.

What I wore:
- Style Moi strong shoulder organza panel suit jacket ( find it here)
- Mexton shorts
- Zara heels 
- Zara purse
- Style Moi drop peacock earrings ( find them here)
- TatooYou temporary tattoo( find it here)

So, I really hope you like my look. I believe the peacock feather tattoo really goes well with this look.
What do you think?
Thank you for visiting my blog nonetheless. 
Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Just the way I am

Hi guys,
Oh you can't imagine how awful the weather is these days. Luckily I took advantage on a day of last week when the sun decided to stay up a few hours in the afternoon and did some shots of my latest dress I have from SheInside which is totally cool and for someone with a bigger bust, even better. :)
So, I leave you to enjoy my new ootd and hopefully you'll visit again my blog for more exciting looks!

What I wore:
- SheInside dress ( find it here)
- Zara shoes and bag

Yes, indeed it's a short post, cause it's Sunday and normally it's a day off, but I have to work... Still I wanted to relax myself with you beautiful people <3

Friday, March 27, 2015


Hi guys,
I had an amazing evening and so much fun going to the store opening of Pronovias yesterday. If you are following me on Instagram, you already know what beautiful wedding dress I've spotted and how special the new store looks. I'll have an article published these days with more photos and infos. 
Meanwhile, let's discuss today's outfit. I'm super happy cause we had a little sun today and that it didn't rain anymore, so given the fact that I had a lot of stuff to do downtown, I wanted to be as comfy as can be. This gorgeous dress from SheInside is really amazing, I can tell you that. It can be paired either with heels, flats or sneakers, in my case. Well, these are platform sneakers so it makes me look a bit more tall& thin. ;) Little trick haha!
I leave you with the look accompanied by a great song of Lana:

What I wore:
- She Inside dress ( find it here)
- Bershka sneakers and bag
- Michael Kors watch and bracelet
- Parfois leopard print bracelet

Hope you like my look and hope to "see" you back tomorrow :)
Thank you for visiting my blog and don't hesitate to leave a comment <3

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Love me Harder

Hi guys,
I'm on my way back to Brussels! Yay! My trip to Romania as very fulfilling and I got to do my business here. The thing I like the most is how cheap beauty products and services are. You can do your hair (cut, dye and brushing) for only 30€, as which in Belgium you can only have the cut, and that to a corner salon. 
I got really lucky and had a lovely day, almost summerish, with a big bright sun in the sky. No grater opportunity to go on a walk with my cute dress from LiuJo. As for accessories, I wanted something that matched perfectly my dress, hence this awesome necklace from Happiness Boutique. It's really stunning and not to mention high quality. Happiness Boutique is an online store that sells accessories. They offer free shipping and a customer reward program.
So, that being said, I leave you with this cool look accompanied by a cool song:

What I wore:
- LiuJo dress
- Zara sandals and bag 
- Happiness Boutique necklace ( find it here)
- TattooYou temporary tattoo ( find it here)

So, I really hope you like the look and don't hesitate to leave your opinions in the comment box below :)

Monday, March 23, 2015


Hello lovies,
With a new week ahead, I can only wish that it will be a great one for you all ! I'm still in Romania, but will be back on Wednesday evening. I can't wait to come back with daily ootds and much more special features and exciting news. 
Meanwhile, I came to my fave café-pub to update my blog. So, here you have a gorgeous look featuring this cool two piece dress from Hego , specially for all you lovely ladies out there! 
Of course, here you have a special song to go with a special outfit:

What I wore:
- Hego two piece lace dress ( find it here)
- Sacha shoes 
- Mango purse

Thank you for visiting my blog and I really do hope you'll like today's outfit!
Don't hesitate to leave your true opinions on the comment box below. :)

Friday, March 20, 2015


Hi guys,
I've arrived safely in Romania and now I'm enjoying a lemonade, thinking it's time to update my blog. Reason why, before I left, I did a couple of extra shoots cause I really wanted to keep posting outfit ideas, since I'll be gone for a few days. It's my first time when I activate my braces and I won't lie, I'm a bit nervous. Writing my blog keeps my emotions to place and my mind off :).
Anyway, here's a really beautiful outfit that I think it's suited for a special occasion or a date during the day. This dress from Hego is absolutely fabulous , frankly it enters upon my top fave bandage dresses ^^.  I'm petite when it comes to my bust circumference, but this dress is really good in giving the impression that my body is balanced. 
With today's look, I'm sharing an old tune I like so much: 

What I wore:
- Hego bandage dress ( find it here)
- Mango sandals
- YSL envelope bag

So, how do you feel about this look? I await your honest opinions in comments, and yes, I know I don't have the most beautiful toes, but nonetheless, it's also a difficult shoe to walk normal into ^^